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Russian Meteor – another update

8 March 2013

This came from http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/03/05/andrew-cooper-were-the-recent-… … Roger, the tall one, took this from a comment made at an earlier post, http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/02/14/2012-da14-how-to-watch-tomorro… in which Andrew Cooper looked at the orbital dynamics and wondered if there was a connection, strenuously denied by mainstream, between the big space rock that passed between the Earth and the Moon and the smaller space rock that exploded over Russia on the same day. The bigger one came in at 30 degrees east of the Sun and the smaller one at 13 degrees east of the Sun. Neither was the trajectory of the smaller object north-south but was 9 degrees south of east. The small object came out of the brightness of the early morning Sun after making a great circle around the globe to the south. Andrew Cooper suggests the smaller object was in orbit with the bigger one, a detached fragment. Cooper puts it all down to NASA, and mainstrteam in general, being too eager to say there was no danger of a collision, calling it a one in a million chance strike, a rare event and it is incredible to see them happen on the same day. Obviously somebody would try and seriously make a connection, as mainstream were a bit too keen to dispel the notion of catastrophism from space and give the impression they were in control. Mainstream were quick off the mark and let us know this was just a meteor – nothing to worry about. It turned out to be a huge piece of space rock and 1000 people were injured in the explosion. They could not at that moment ignore it as the media had the bit between the teeth after numerous videos of the meteor were beamed across the world. Once again, mobile phones with cameras have proved to be an embarrassment to the authorities. Mainstream were not able to push the mole back into the hole and what will be interestingh is how long will the man in the street be interested in space rocks. Will it fade to the back burner or will it gather momentum. Might neo-catastrophism be coming of age?

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