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Black Hole eats Giant Planet

11 April 2013

This story is at www.space.com/20580-black-hole-eats-giant-planet.html … so what was actually seen, a feasting event, some munching and consuming, or what? Not a great deal it seems. What is most obvious is that the black hole didn't finish its meal – in fact it may not have eaten anything at all, but it is assumed it did (digging its teeth around the surface of the planet, it is suggested, as most of the planet appears to have been left intact, or all of it for all we know). What was seen was the disruption of a substellar object by a 'black hole' and the latter is defined by a bright flash of light that was picked up by astronomers. In other words, the black hole was a bright light in the sky and the mauled planet may have been interfered with – or possibly not so. Mysterious.

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