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Now we have the leftovers of continental crust in the South Atlantic

9 May 2013

It's getting weird from the consensus Plate Tectonics angle,  weirder and weirder. At http://phys.org/print287119098.html … Brazilian geologists have dug a rock out of the ocean bottom, 900 miles east of Rio de Janiero, that appears to be a piece of continental crust that was submerged when the South Atlantic was formed as Africa and South America moved apart. Basically, it is granite and all granites are perceived to be continental rock. In addition, and to support the idea, a Japanese manned research submersible, the Shinkai 6500, observed the geological formation itself, opposite the Brazilian coast.

Meanwhile, a paper has been accepted by the Journal of Geophysical Research on the influences of water and sediment supply on the stratigraphic record of alluvial fans and delta – see http://phys.org/print287121909.html … which appears to question rates of accumulation of geological processes, but in a polite manner.

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