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The comets of gods

12 May 2013

Dr Jeffrey Goodman, The Comets of Gods (available from Amazon in ebook form (for Kindle) but provides a list of sellers (hard copy). This is an attempt to mold catastrophism, from a Biblical perspective, with some parts of science (comets and space rocks etc). It is mooted that God (in the Bible) used objects from space to carry out his bidding. In that sense he differs markedly from other catastrophists, recognising that pagan gods have affinities with aspects of comets and meteors (as well as other phenomena) and suppose also that the God of the Bible was also an object from space. However, the authors appears to embark, at the outset, on a series of assumptions. Nothing new perhaps but he claims the Bible repeatedly refers to a reservoir or cloud of comets at the edge of the solar system, which he thinks is the Oort Cloud. As this reservoir of comets may not actually exist he might be setting himself up for a fall. George Howard provides some examples of his interpretations – see http://cosmictusk.com/great-book-the-comets-of-god/. For example, he thinks heaven implies the solar system rather than the sky at large (which includes the stars of the Milky Way). The heaven of heavens, he suggests, is the Oort Cloud (which cannot be seen and is supposed to be where comets are lurking) with all their host (those self same comets).When he comes to interpreting the words of Isaiah he is on common ground with Velikovsky – 'I have called up my mighty ones … (comets or meteors) from mine anger' … the Lord of hosts and the  host of battle etc. They come from a far place, from the end of heaven (and again he visualises this as the Oort Cloud on the edge of the solar system rather than deep space within the universe at large). The appearance of coming out of deep space does not negate an origin in the solar sytem – but how would they know that? God, he says, used comets and meteors as his 'messengers' and his 'ministers' quoting various Psalms (such as 103, 104, and 148). God's ministry is even equated with a flaming fire, a phrase we find in an Egyptian inscription describing the goddess Sekhmet, the circling star throwing out flaming fire etc.

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