Men Made Earthquakes

10 June 2013
Climate change

For some reason the ladies get away without blame – but then again, its only a word. Alfred de Grazia's web site has a post on men made earthquakes – due to mining and extraction – go to

Q-Mag, the magazine of Quantavolution, says that Christian Klose, a geophysicist, claims extraction of 500m tons of coal at Newcastle in Australia led to a devastating earthquake, and the same could equally apply to the extraction of gas, potash, rock salt, oil, and even underground sources of water. Dams are also thought to cause earthquakes – not by subtracting material but adding a body of water to the surface and causing pressure below.

If true, this may have repercussions, not least for the fracking process, but the greenies dream of pumping large amounts of co2 into underground storage areas. See also Christian Klose in the Journal of Seismology, 17:1 (Jan 2013), and Nature Geoscience (Oct 21st 2012).

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