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Decoding the Solar System

15 June 2013

For an evaluation of Plate Tectonics and various expanding earth models go to www.geologynet.com/tectonics1.htm

We also have an interesting book that widens the expanding earth theory to the planets as a whole. This is Decoding the Solar System by Subhasis Sen (2011) and available in paperback from Amazon. It is written by a geologist who seems to interpret the entire solar system with the aid of global tectonics. He claims Plate Tectonics is unsuitable for explaining planetary features whereas the Expanding Earth hypothesis is a unified global tectonics theory that can be adapted to elsewhere in the solar system. He also wrote another book in 2007, published in India, inspired by some anomalies usually passed over as of no consequence by other geologists. However, one of his ideas is that the gas giants, thought to be largely formed of hydrogen and helium, are somewhat similar in composition to the other planets – with a rocky crust. It is only the proportion of the rocky mantle that is different, he suggests. The gas giants themselves are 'enormously inflated' and the overall density of the outer planets is reduced. Subhasis Sen is a retired scientist in India, gaining his PhD in Geological Sciences as long ago as the 1960s. He has also published more than 150 papers in the course of his career.

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