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Chelyabinsk Meteor … update

1 July 2013

At http://tallbloke.wordpress.com/2013/07/01/2013-chelyabinsk-meteor-larges… … the 2013 Russian meteor, or fireball, is the largest ever recorded by CTBTO seismic monitoring (infrasound sensors) and a paper on the subject is now available. It raises some interesting questions. If there had been a lot of meteors in the past how would scientists know that they had occurred? The meteor made a really big bang but little trace of it was found on the ground – surprising as there was snow laying about, crisp and even, and you'd have thought fragments of the meteor will have left lots of holes in the snow. Zeke comments – time to look at the electrical nature of meteors – see www.holoscience.com/wp/comet-borrelly-rocks-core-scientific-beliefs/ and www.knmi.nl/publications/showAbstract.php?id=5409

The same story can be seen at http://phys.org/print/291694509.html … and the paper we learn is published in Geophysical Review Letters.

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