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The YDB event in a nutshell

13 August 2013

George Howard provides a link to an unusual web site – see http://cosmictusk.com/beautiful-blog-naturalis-historia-unpacks-the-ydb-… … and it begins with the Chelyabinsk meteor that exploded over Russia in February this year, 14 miles above the surface. It created a shock wave that injured 1500 people and damaged thousands of buildings – but only very small pieces of the meteor were found on the ground. We are then asked to imagine hundreds of such objects impacting with the atmosphere of the Earth – a trail of closely following space rocks. That would be catastrophic, it continues – and was this the nature of the Younger Dryas event?

The article is dated May 24th, written by 'Natural Historian' – and was possibly provoked by the Russian meteor. He has clearly read the several articles on the YD boundary event and has a map with the distribution of sites so far investigated which have a black mat layer or something similar. This includes those explored by Han Klooosterman.

As the Natural Historian says, the world had warmed up after the end of the Ice Age when it suddenly stopped warming and got cooler. Lots of theories over the years from volcanism to ocean currents, and even a supernova.

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