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How to get a model to work?

21 September 2013
Climate change

Everyone makes fun of climate models – what are they missing? Why are they always running too hot? Why don't they comply with reality? … and so forth. One man thinks he knows why – they fiddle around too much. He made his own model up, just for fun. Trouble is it is more realistic than all those expensive models produced by professionals. Why is that? … see www.climate-skeptic.com/2013/09/update-on-my-climate-model-spoiler-its-d…

The answer is complicated and both camps have an agenda. Two sides of the same coin can be compared. The first is at http://phys.org/print298801996.html and the other is by Dick Rossi, sent in by SIS member William Thompson. Rossi's view is that too many people have too much invested in perpetuating the fiction. Billions of dollars and other currencies have been diverted into green projects in a Chicken Little attempt to stop the sky from falling. The media reports CAGW as fact in an ever droning confident tone, a drip drip feed in effect that numbs the brain to any kind of doubt. The media actively ignores evidence contrary to the CAGW message – avoids actually looking at the science or debating with contrarians that know what they are talking about. We might add the sentiment that the whole subject is dumbed down – to red top levels. Trouble is the red top readers are the least impressed and are almost exclusively sceptical of the political motives behind it all. It is the middle classes, and broad sheet readers that are transfixed by the subject. Those that like to feel a bit superior to the oiks – red top readers. Funny that.

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