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Climate and the Water Cycle

7 October 2013
Climate change

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/10/07/climate-change-is-dominated-by-the… …. is a simply put post that explains in easy terms for the layman why increasing levels of co2 are not actually causing global warming, contrary to what the enviro-climate science community have alleged for over 20 years. It is written by Steve Goreham and was formerly published in the Washington Times – where it caused some ripples. It begins – climate scientists are obsessed with carbon dioxide and the new IPCC report actualy claims that 'radiative forcing' from human emitted co2 is the leading driver of climate change. Co2 is blamed for everything from droughts to floods, hurricanes to doldrums, and makes bizarre claims about polar bears and walrus, salmon and eels, and is even blamed for ocean acidification – but Earth's climate is instead, dominated by water (not co2).

Goreham outlines what he means and the sort of energy flows involved. All weather is driven by the redistribution of heat from the tropics to the temperate and polar regions. Evaporation creates tropical storm systems which move heat energy to cooler latitudes and so on. In addition, the Pacific Ocean is Earth's largest surface feature and covers one third of the globe. All the land that exists in the world could be placed inside the Pacific Ocean. We might add that we are surrounded by water – in the oceans and in rivers and in lakes and even beneath the ground (aquifers). Water rains down on the world – water that has evaporated out of the oceans. It is everywhere. In the rocks, in the plants, and in ourselves. Oceans can hold a lot of heat energy, and have a powerful, little understood, effect on the climate – even the greenhouse hypothesis involves water vapour, and clouds. Yet, the IPCC and climate science seem to think the flea wags the dog. He equates the flea with co2 and the dog, the water cycle. Man made global warming is barking as it assumes a positive feedback from water vapour forced by co2. The argument runs something like warm air can hold more moisture so atmospheric water vapour will increases as Earth warms up. Since water vapour is a greenhouse gas additional water is assumed to entail additional warming to that caused by co2. In effect, the theory assumes the carbon cycle is controlling the much more powerful water cycle. As the Earth has not actually warmed for at least 15 years, in spite of rising co2 levels from all those Chinese coal fired power stations there is obviously something drastically wrong with the consensus theory. All the climate models produced by agencies in different countries predicted a rapid rise in global temperature – which actually contrast markedly with actual measured temperatures, in spite of prognostication, data re-arrangement, and fudging (excuses). Models are often unable to predict weather conditions for a single season let lone long term trends. He provides as an example the Atlantic hurricane prediction – and what they said was going to happen in 2013. It failed dismally. In the UK the Met Office has been forced to abandon long range weather forecasting because their models consistently get it wrong. Short range weather forecasting is usually quite good – but is far from perfect.

We should note that everything Goreham has said has been said by others in the fairly recent past. Chiefio recognised climate was controlled by water long ago and has consistently said so. The last few occasions you can view at http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2013/07/10/why-land-air-temperature-is-exac… and http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2013/06/21/the-fallacy-of-trapped-heat/ and http://chiefio.wordpress.com/2013/06/09/the-true-sign-of-water-vapor-fee…

Stephen Wilde said something similar too – in 2009 (see www.newclimatemodel.com/our-saviour-the-hydrological-cycle/). This is a perfect case of consensus group think. People have been saying water dominates climate for a while now but nobody appears to want to listen. The co2 myth is convenient. It provides grant money for universities and a 'save the world' meme for enviro-politicos. Reality is not something they wish to know about. They are now claiming openly that co2 emissions are causing ocean acidification – the doomsaying scare story that will replace warming if it goes pear shaped. Unfortunately for them the ocean acidification doomsaying also involves the water cycle as the surface heating of the ocean draws up into the atmosphere co2 from the oceans (or those layers that can be measured near the top). Reid Bryson, the American equivalent of the UK's Hubert Lamb, is on record as saying, 'you can go outside and spit and have the same effect as doubling carbon dioxide' (see www.uncommondescent.com/off-topic/father-of-climatology-calls-manmade-gl…) See also www.newclimatemodel.com/the-hot-water-bottle-effect/

Tim Ball, a retired professor from the University of Winnepeg said, 'the analogy I use is – my car is not running very well so I am going to ignore the engine (the Sun) and the transmission (the water cycle) and I am going to look at one of the wheel nuts (co2) ….

It seems the common people had it right all along. I can remember a Radio 5 'Phone In' years ago and all the people with plums in their mouths, or had a reasonable education and a good job, were full of the terrors of global warming. All the truck drivers, electricians, plasterers, fitters and mechanics, and odd layabout and doll merchant, saw it for what it has proved to be – a political ploy to raise taxes. Funny thing is that little bit of subterfuge is coming home to roost in the UK. The main opposition party want to freeze energy price bills and the chancellor is fighting to axe some of the green subsidies which have caused those bills to rocket. You can't help but snigger.

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