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Churning Sun

19 October 2013

At http://phys.org/print301210854.html … the Sun's magnetic field is a churning and undulating cycle as it reaches solar maximum – it then flips. Solar maximum comes roughly every 11 years when it reverse polarity, typically creating a larger number of sun spots, aurora, and geomagnetic storms. In this view, sun spots are magnetic fields emanating from the Sun – but others might disagree about what causes them. Flowing streams of electrons and protons create the magnetic fields deep in the interior of the Sun, it says, and sun spots can erupt and release lots of energy in the form of flares, or CMEs (coronal mass ejections). Unlike the Earth's magnetic field, which moves up or down on a familiar dipole, the Sun's huge magnetic field oscillates. The Sun has an AC dynamo rather than a DC dynamo according to C Forest, a physics professor at University of Wisconsin Madison. Sounds a bit like electricity ? (tongue in cheek)

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