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Sea levels not conforming with the models either

6 November 2013
Climate change

This story is at http://notrickszone.com/2013/11/05/scientists-find-that-sea-level-rise-i… … and comes from Germany but involves a scientific study a the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. They collated data from measurement stations located mainly on the coasts and found sea level estimation had been exaggerated upwards. Global sea levels, they found, were on average just 1mm a year – and by the year 2100 would amount to just 10cm. Only one third of stations showed a detectable rise. The rest showed no movement, with a small minority showing a fall.

Nicola Scafetta of Dukes University reached a similar conclusion and he found sea levels followed 60 year cycles. This follows another paper that found co2's affact on global climate is there – but it is greatly exaggerated. Further, others have claimed that the use of groundwater sources in various parts of the world has contributed to sea level rise – as all the water used by humans ends up in the sea.

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