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Dinosaur flatulence and global warming

15 November 2013

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/11/13/methane-myopia-3-earth-science/ … Tim Cullen takes aim again at the Earth Sciences and a Wikipedia entry that claims, 'palaeo-climatology research published in Current Biology suggests that flatulence from dinosaurs may have warmed the Earth'. Was this an entry inserted by one of the CAGW 'thought police' that patrol the corridors of Wikipedia seeking out and deleting anything off message – anything that disagrees with doomsaying and CAGW alarmism. The same story was in the Daily Telegraph – but they are deep into CAGW scare stories like most of the media most of the time. No wonder the politicians think they can just come out with some legislation and close down nosey journalists – they should be digging the dirt on these people, not messing around in the same sand pit. The press are clearly led by donkeys – no insult intended to the legitimate donkeys out there.

This all seems to have come about as it is reckoned the Dinosaur Age was much warmer than today – why would the poles have been so much warmer? The explanation, of course, is that greenhouse gas levels were much higher – but this appears to be one of those leaps of imagination. No doubt geologists will say otherwise but the problem revolves around a supposed warmer world when there were no coal fired power stations or SUVs trundling through the tree ferns and swamps full of chomping reptilian creatures, whilst heavy footed very large beasties might threaten to squash even the most resilient of the Tonka Toys. It must have been dinosaur flatulence. After all, a big industry in harvesting coprolites, fossil dinosaur dung, developed in the 19th century, so there must have laid lots of the stuff even to the extent of fouling their own nests. They were big animals so they laid big amounts of dung. No wonder hardly anybody reads print newspapers nowaday if the media swallow such a load of codswallop (fish dung).

Tim Cullen blames it all on smoking Wacky Baccy – journalists indulging in the 'skunk' (or just a reefer or two). It does make the skull light headed so he might have a point. This post is recommended reading – even if I've been way off track. He is especially insightful when it comes to olivine and serpentine.

At http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2013/11/14/methane-myopia-4-pobiti-kamani/ … which is another dip into methane and how mainstream avoids the embarrassing facts that don't fit the uniformitarian consensus theories. Tim Cullen is an advocate of the Expanding Earth geology and in this post he turns to Pobiti Kamani, a lower Eocene formation, the famous sand columns of Bulgaria. He describes them as an embarrassing natural wonder that defies the geological explanation of erosion. These columns are outwardly rock but are hollow and filled with sand – and the surrounding landscape has a sandy outlook. They are associated with past methane seepage and actually look like sand filled chimneys. Significantly, they sit on top of a methane fluid flume and this appears to be the best evidence I have seen of the outgassing from the innards of the Earth hypothesis. Predictably, the nature of all this is largely ignored by mainstream. Brilliant lead up.

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