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Resurrected ISON

29 November 2013

At www.spaceweather.com … we learn that Comet ISON has re-emerged on the other side of the Sun. Whether the nucleus is whole or severely reduced in size is another matter – but watch the video and you will see something bright coming out of the close encounter. This seems to suggest ISON has been resurrected – after it went pop yesterday (thursday the 28th, the day it met its doom, in a flash of light).

At http://wattsupwiththat.com/2013/11/28/comet-ison-appears-to-be-toast/              … this was posted on the 28th when indeed the comet appeared to have gone kerplunk! and way down in the comments, towards the end, you will find a heated argument after someone suggested the EU comet theory had a role to play but this was vigorously denied by solar scientist Leif Svalgaard, and it went on a bit too much to my surprise as Anthony normally gets fed up with being spammed by EU supporters. Have a look and add your pennyworth.

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