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Lynn Rose and Halton Arp

31 December 2013
Inside science

Lynn Rose and Bob Bass have recently died and now we have news that Halton Arp has also passed away. At the www.haltonarp.com/bio … there is a short biography of his career. He was a professional astronomer and worked with Edwin Hubble, winning a couple of awards. He was a staff astronomer at Mt Palomar and Mt Wilson observatories for some 28 years and produced a catalogue of 'Peculiar Galaxies'. He found that quasars may not be all they are cracked up to be. These objects, with high red shift z values may not be what they seem as he claimed they also appear to have a connection with galaxies that have a low red shift value. It was this aspect that made him stick to the Steady State concept rather than embrace the new Big Bang explanation on the starting point of the universe. Others have looked at red shift and apparently do not accept Arp's point of view, or the reality of his observations. Mainstream has consistently rejected his views on red shift – and only time will tell.

Further reading … http://arxiv.org/abs/astro-ph/0409215 (Sept 2004) and see NGC 7319

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