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Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age civilisation

6 January 2014

Natural Catastrophes during Bronze Age civilisations, edited by Benny Peiser, Trevor Palmer and Mark Bailey, is available to download in pdf version directly from the Archaeopress web site at a cost of £18. This is half the price of the original – back in 1997. To buy a hard copy in print will set you back a lot of money nowadays but the pdf can be downloaded fairly easily – but be warned it is some 257 pages in length. Remember to have an adequate printer ink in place before you start. Of course, the pdf version can also be downloaded to your computer without the bother of printing out – but that depends whether or not you like reading long articles online or would rather print them out and read at the front room table, or in an armchair with a glass to set you in relax mode.

The ISBN 0 86054 916X (copyright the individual authors) BAR S728

Archaeopress are publishers of British Archaeological Reports (BAR) PO Box 920, Oxford, OX2 7YH. The volume editor is Rajka Makjanic

All BAR titles are also available from Hadrian Books Ltd, 122 Reading Road, Oxford, OX2 7BP (a copy of the current BAR catalogue is also available from Hadrian Books).


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