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When did large land masses first appear?

7 February 2014

If you are into the Expanding Earth theory the land masses have been there all along and it is the oceans that have grown and become the biggest part of the globe. If you are into Plate Tectonics you have a different take – and if you are fond of moving bits of continental plate around a computer screen you might not be too bothered in any case. At http://archaeologynewsnetwork.blogspot.co.uk/2014/01/large-landmasses-ex… … a paper is discussed from the journal Geology by some German geologists from the Universities of Cologne and Bonn. The Earth is currently 29 per cent land 71 per cent ocean/sea, a large imbalance. How long have land masses been around – well, according to this paper there is evidence they have been with us for 2.7 billion years. This may be upsetting for the Plate Tectonics bloodhounds eagerly moving their mouse and pieces of continental plate around but what does it mean?

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