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Donald Scott

24 February 2014

William Thompson advises … Donald Scott, author of 'The Electric Sky', and heavily criticised by Tom Bridgman, has a Bachelor's and Masters degrees in electrical engineering (from the University of Connecticut) and went on to work for General Electric. Later, he earned a doctorate in electrical engineering and became a member of faculty at the department of electrical and computer engineering at the University of Massachusetts, and remained there until his retirement in 1998. At the same time he had a life long interest in astronomy – see http://members.cox.net/dascott2/ImageList.html or go to www.electric-cosmos.org

His work should be viewed as a new approach, an alternative to mainstream – a work in progress rather than anything definite. Scott's hypothesis is unorthodox but William notes that when he was a graduate in the 1960s he had to read a lot of stuff by GP Kuiper and other mainstream people. He had doubts but it was all part of the course – and so did others. The problem is that people like Kuiper, and Eddington, had no way of observing much of what they said. This included the idea stars had nuclear cores. People still accept this idea – it is par in achieving a degree. However, is it true? Does anyone really know.

We have major scientific figures in the present day who are taken on trust and never called out. The situation should therefore remain that EU is in its infancy – and doesn't have most of the answers.

Hopefully, others will respond in due course. William is referring to the idea of electricity as a major driver of the universe – not to planets lined up, the sun at night, or the birth of Venus. These are secondary to the concept of the EU and a matter of personal appetite.

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