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Chelyabinsk … space agencies now serious

27 February 2014

The Chelyabinsk meteor appears to have woken up some bods in various space agencies – on the threat from space posed by Near Earth Objects (or NEOs) – see http://phys.org/print312545750.html The power on display in the video included in the link is pretty awsome. It has meant the astronomy world have had to evaluate the threat from space. For example, the NEOWISE mission has been reinaugurated by NASA and ESA has reactivated search options in the hope that lots more of these space rocks can be pinned down, as far as orbit and threat is concerned. The good news of course is that they are all in resonant orbit – with either ourselves, or themselves. Funny thing, Velikovsky was ridiculed for playing solar system billiards but the ESA have been accused of the same kind of witchcraft, a plan to divert potential threats by inteception. Nothing much can go wrong – can it?

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