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Old Crusty is more crusty than crusty consensus

12 March 2014

The Online journal Nature Geoscience reports on the discovery of the mineral zircon at Jack Hill, 800km from Perth in Australia. The grains of zircon were found in old sandstone and they are said to be more than 4 billion years of age. This indicates the earth's crust formed within 160 million years of the creation of the Earth – which might cause some problems to Plate Tectonics theory. Does new ocean bottom form and replace old crustal material?

At Down to Earth (geology magazine) March 15th 2014, there is a report on an earthquake in the Bristol Channel, midway between the Gower Peninsular in S Wales and Ilfracombe in N Devon. Although it was just a 4.1 magnitude quake it follows another one in the same region in 2001 (at a slightly smaller magnitude).

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