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Don’t worry, you can trust us

23 March 2014

In one of those peculiar stories the author keeps telling the reader, don't worry – its not going to happen. Apparently, we are informed, the Poles are not going to flip over. The author says it so many times you begin to think, perhaps something dreadful is going to happen and they're trying to hide a nasty reality from you. The story referred to is at http://phys.org/print314612935.html.

This is a mainstream response to various catastrophist theories that appear to faze the orthodox inclined. Most prominently, it is aimed at Planet X officionados and it follows closely on a NASA press release that over-emphasized the fact that the NEOWISE space scan had not found any evidence of Planet X – which is why I did not report it as it was such a pointless thing to say. What is going on in mainstream that they are rattled by a small minority of people – and most of this minority fully realise it is all a spoof. Are they worried about the odd neurotic I wonder, or does Planet X touch a raw nerve.

The average Joe isn't bothered about immanent catastrophe and Planet X fans are like niche film buffs, wallowing in their obscurity. So what is driving this worry that is afflicting mainstream, a fear that ordinary people are not able to winkle out the ridiculous from the likely. Can it have just a hint of a guilty conscience? They have been pouring propaganda upon the masses now for nearly 30 years, promulgating unashamedly one of the most unlikely of scenarios, catastrophic global warming. They appear to be aware they have duped a lot of people and this is why they are over reacting to the harmless guff of Planet X occicionados. Why can't they just come out and say 'it ain't going to happen' rather than saying Pole flip is 'not going to happen'.

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