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Does the Moon contain water?

28 March 2014

At http://phys.org/print315037822.html … analysis of lunar soil samples seems to indicate the Moon's mantle contains hydrogen from water (possibly indigenous to Earth). The Moon, of course, is supposed to have originated out of the Earth – and would have dragged water from the mantle with it. Its getting a big story at the moment – water inside the Earth (and water inside Mars and the Moon and various other places).

Meanwhile, at http://spaceweather.com … March 27th, 2014 (scoll down) we learn that an asteroid has been discovered, with icy rings (by Brazilian based astronomers).

Over at http://phys.org/print315050914.html … news of a distant addition to the solar system, a dwarf planet (2012vp113). It is thought it could be one of thousands out there at the edge of the solar system, part of the hypothetical Oort Cloud. We are also tole an enormous planet, ten times the size of the Earth, as yet unseen, could be out there and influencing the orbits of the new object and its buddies. The paper is in Nature (March 27th, 2014) – have they not heard the message, debunk Planet X?

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