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Rhodes Fairbridge and Sun Spot Minima and Maxima

30 April 2014

At www.mitosyfraudes.org/Calen2/Rhodes.html … we have an interesting article by the redoubtable Rhodes Fairbridge, written when he was about 80 years of age. It was published in '21st Century Science and Technology' magazine and impacts directly on terrestrial climate and the current craze of some people to warn that we are descending into a Little Ice Age as sun spots seem to be in decline. Piers Corbyn might fall into this bracket – but his redeeming feature is that he is pushing a radical hypothesis that the solar wind impacts on the climate and causes changes such as loops in the Jet Stream – and various geomagnetic effects in the Earth sciences as well as in climate. Fairbridge, in collaboration with another retired Columbia University professor, John Sanders, proposed a planetary impact on the Sun as having as causing climate change on Earth. He includes the story of Clyde Storey, a former Singer sewing machine salesman, who worked longhand, without the aid of calculator or computer, on the mechanics of planetary cycles. Mainstream, as usual, was not impressed – he had no academic qualifications. His work was rejected by the journals Nature and Science and desperate, he attended a science conference in which was co hosted by Fairbridge. They listened. It was then arranged for the New York Academy of Science to publish his concepts (1963) and excertps appeared in the Encylcopedia of Atmospheric Science (edited by Fairbridge)(1967).

Fairbridge goes on to describe how the planets may cause sun spots – noting that the period of Jupiter is very close the sun spot cycle. Of course, his work has inbuilt assumptions, and that includes the acceptance of Ice Ages and so forth. A thought provoking paper – and it isn't all over yet no matter what the consensus freaks might say.

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