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Nitric acid rain

3 May 2014

Joanne P Ballard, University of Tennesee, and Dick Mol of the Natural History Museum in Rotterdam, and Andres Bijkerk, a Dutch independent researcher, have written a paper, 'The Tell Tale Tusk; acid rain and the onset of the Younger Dryas' … and it seems a Siberian mammoth tusk exhibits dissolution on the tusk (as a result of exposure to the atmosphere). They suggest nitric acid rain was responsible – as a result of an extraterrestrial event. Seems like we have a few more names to add the new list of catastrophists (or those prepared to look at catastrophist answers to mysteries in the natural world). Thermal shock waves from a bolide exploding in the atmosphere may have caused the nitric acid rain – which was reported as a feature of the Tunguska event in 1908 (Kolesnikov, 1998 and 2003). Go to http://cosmictusk.com/interesting-support-for-younger-dryas-boundary-ydb…

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