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Piers Corbyn and Timo Niroma

6 May 2014
Climate change

The late Timo Niroma (of Finland) was a member of SIS for several years and an enthusiastic exponent of the Clube and Napier theory and the SIS Cambridge conferences on Bronze Age Destructions. His  web site contained some ideas drawn from SIS journals – but he also became somewhat of a climate sceptic with a specific interest in solar cycles.

Tim Cullen notes had some similarities in approach with Piers Corbyn – see http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/05/02/piers-corbyn-long-range-weathe… … which he posted after viewing the You Tube video of Corbyn's talk at the last EU conference (go www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/04/29/piers-corbyn-the-reality-of-long-ran…

Both claim we have entered a cooling episode – Piers calls it a New Little Ice Age. Others might say it is a 30 year cool half of a 60 year solar cycle – but you takes the biscuit of your choice. See for example http://iceagenow.info/2012/02/sunspot-cycle-chart-shows-strong-cooling/

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