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Who’s frightened their wallets might shrink?

8 May 2014
Climate change

An interesting post at http://rogerhelmermep.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/The-energy-muddle-and-the… … although Helmer is now a UKIP MEP, this blog goes way back to when he was a Tory MEP (until central office rattled his windows). The politics are immaterial, only that Helmer is anti-wind turbines (unlike the three main parties). It seems a senior spokesman for the UK energy industry is worried about the Euro elections – and what that might mean for the subsidy gravy train. The spokesman, in true tearful fashion, expresses concern about the 'little parties' – the parties that attract the votes of people disillusioned with the establishment (as represented by the established main parties). However, what are they really worried about, Helmer asks – are subsidies threatened and will they have to get their fingers out and get cracking with some real energy production.

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