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Ice on the Great Lakes

11 May 2014
Climate change

The Great Lakes are still frozen in places and according to my sister in law (in Toronto) they are responsible for cold winds currently hitting the metropolis and making summer a long time a-coming. Spoilt by a succession of mild winters the folk of NE N America have finally caught up with a cooling world. The polar vortex is still affecting the region – going by the amount of ice on the lakes. This is all down to unusual behaviour in the jet stream, according to Piers Corbyn, with a direct relationship with the Sun (and the solar wind impacting on the upper atmosphere). Joe Bastardi, the meteorologist the US CAGW fraternity love to hate (and deride, in spite of the fact he is a meteorologist and his critics are not) has made an interesting comment on a weekly commentary. This is that global sea ice this year may set a new record – since satellite records began (as we don't know what sea ice was doing a few centuries ago). In fact, as he points out, Antarctic sea ice is increasing to levels never seen in recent years – which makes todays NASA announcement a bit strange (not the space part of NASA but the global warming clique at GISS)., They say the West Antarctic ice sheet has reached a stage of retraction that is irreversible. We all know this is pie in the sky – but how can they have the affrontery when the East Antactic ice is increasing at unprecedented levels. Presumably they have got their information from their computer screens – and their models. The difference between reality and the models is so extreme the mind boggles.

Anyway, getting back to Big Joe, a colourful character who has treated the activist vitriol as water off a ducks back kind of thing, he is spot on when he says we may have a really interesting set of results this year. On the one hand the models show continuing warming – with 2014 projected to be the warmest year yet – but at the same time the ice may still still be there on the great lakes into June (and summer time). Is this a paradox that will wake up the great educated mass who meekly accept the CAGW meme without checking the facts and figures? Time will tell – go to http://notrickszone.com/2014/05/11/warming-meteorologist-joe-bastardi-po…

Al Gore in 2007 claimed sea ice in the Arctic would disappear by this year as it is getting warmer and warmer. Even the resident clown at BBCs 'Country File' TV programme of a Sunday evening (when there is not a lot else to watch) was on about global warming increasing and various bugs and plants coming under pressure from the heat (while saying, without blinking, that temperatures had increased by less than one degree since the 19th century – avoiding the fact we were in a cooling period at that time). I've often wondered how many farmers they phone up before finding one full on with CAGW – but they must have been in shorter supply than usual as they had some Met Office geek in front of his computer screen (and his models)  who assured the BBC clown that it was indeed warming – and warming would get even warmer. Trouble is they screened it on a weekend when we had really cold winds blowing for several days – so that would not have convinced many people not wearing their woolly jumpers in the living room.

However, all may not be lost (to waffle and PR) as Dr Richard Tol, who worked on the last IPCC Report – but did not endorse the politicisation of the press release (designed to dupe the media and the politicos). He has come up with the idea of creating an IPCC Wiki – in which anyone can take part. He intends to upload the full 5th IPCC Report, section by section, and create links within the report back to the literature on which the report is based. New findings will be included (in an amendment) and Donna Laframboise is already at work with him and is adding links between IPCCV authors and environmental organisations. Many of the latter are of course financially handbagged by hedge fund managers and other unscrupulous financial institutions – including some banks. All this will be publically visible by Joe Public and will open eyes no doubt, an abosolutely wonderful project that may just be able to open the can of worms and reveal all the dodgy goings on in the wings of the global warming meme. Lots of information now hidden from public view may eventually merge into the light of day – and one won't have to use a search engine to reach the outer regions of corruption and deception. The first days of the enterprise can be seen at http://ipcc.wikia.com/wiki/IPCC_Wiki … and bookmark this site as it will get better and better as time progresses. For an initial overview go to http://wattsupwiththat.com/2014/05/11/tol-creates-new-ipcc-wiki-anyone-c…

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