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C14 Dating

12 May 2014

This post will take the form of at least two offerings – may be more (from the pen and insightful mind of Tim Cullen) over at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/05/12/carbon-14-cultures/ … and there are several pages listing the anomalies associated with C14 dating methodology – and that is starters. I will make no attempt to describe what he has to say, only that he is taking a pop at mainstream science (their beliefs as opposed to their science).

The gradual dawning on mainstream that there was something wrong with C14 methodology eventually led to calibration – and there are a number of calibration models that try to cope with the realities. A well chosen subject and one close to the hearts of many people at SIS. He describes some of the plateaus – and apparently, there was a thousand year plateau coinciding with the Younger Dryas. Mainstream claims this was due to changing ocean circulation patterns – but could it be evidence of a cosmic event of some kind?

Such plateaus in C14 litter the record – and are not really answered in a satisfactory manner as archaeologists, and others, are wont to ignore them – as mainstream tends to avoid describing them (leading to an assumption they do not matter). That does not mean we should think in terms of C14 being way out of beam – it simply means there are periods when C14 dates cluster. The Younger Dryas event is around 1300 years in length – how much is that number influenced by the 1000 year plateau? If it is, how much is the plateau at the end of the Ice Age distorting dates assigned to the Late Pleistocene – and then we have that vague 10,000 year phase between 40 and 30,000 years ago. Is there any way of taming these events?

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