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Dr David Evans

14 June 2014
Climate change

Major new climate change project by Dr David Evans – see http://joannenova.com.au/2014/06/big-news-part-i-historic-development-ne… … produced without any funding whatsoever (apart from personal donations). No government handouts (grants), no environmentalist input, deep pockets (from the renewables mafia), hedge funds, banks, oil companies, all the normal villains involved in CAGW alarmism – none of that. Zilch. It will also be available on a single Excel spreadsheet that can be run on any PC with every bit of data and every computation open for public inspection and critique. The paper itself will run to 170 pages – go to http://sciencespeak.com/climate.html.

The world is currently spending almost a billion dollars a day on mitigating co2 emissions – very big money is involved (and troughing at an incredible level of increment). These wasted funds, as they will never achieve anything concrete, could be made available for much more urgent projects around the world. Too much to ask I suppose but they could also be used productively.

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