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Palaeolithic Plasma Images

23 June 2014

Rens Van Der Sluijs has two posts at Thunderbolts this week. At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/06/19/plasma-in-the-ice-age/ … he refers to two engraved pendants fashioned out of reindeer bone which were discovered at a prehistoric site in France. The Magdalenian culture people followed and lived off reindeer herds much like the Lapps of northern Scandinavia in the modern world. One might wonder if the top of the world was somewhat in a lower latitude at the time – where aurorae is a common enough phenomenon. The pendant (above) has art that is typical of the period as there are several dozen batons fashioned out of reindeer antler also decorated with spirals, encircled dots and various geometric designs such as the lozenge. Archaeologists define the images as symbolic, a catch all phrase meaning 'we don't know'. Rens points out the depict highly energetic plasma instabilities. He continues by adding that the Magdalenians lived at the time of the Gothenburg geomagnetic excursion. American space physicist George Siscoe as long ago as 1976 pointed his finger at low altitude aurorae.

At www.thunderbolts.info/wp/2014/06/17/descartes-circular-reasoning/ … he looks at Rene Descartes 'vortex theory' (going back to the 1630s). What is the link with magnetic structures?

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