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Slowing the Speed of Light

26 June 2014

At http://phys.org/print322989757.html … physicist James Fransen of the University of Maryland has a paper in New Journal of Physics in which he claims he has found evidence the speed of light as described in Einstein's Theory of General Relativity, is actually slower than thought. His argument actually rests on observations of a supernova event from 1987 – and how long it took photons to arrive. They turned up later than expected. The implications are far reaching as distances for celestial bodies would have to be recalculated and astrophysicists would be forced to redo their numbers etc.

However, general academic inertia, the bums on seats variety rather than the people in the white coats, will make sure nothing is done and the idea disappears – into the ether from whence it emerged. An early grave is to be expected. One reason is the surprising level of low productivity in academic circles once a certain position has been reached.

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