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Erupting Filaments

17 August 2014

A magnetic filament winding down the face of the Sun has been compared to a canyon of fire at www.spaceweather.com August 17th. It appeared two days previously, launching a CME towards the Earth (expected to arrive on Monday). The web site has a video clip of the appearance and eruption of the filament.

There is also a small piece on Comet 67P (Churyumove-Gerasimenko) with a close up photo taken by Rosetta, There is a 3D image of the comet nucleus which clearly shows a deep canyon separating the two lobes. The canyon floor is littered with boulders and smaller debris whilst the highlands outside the canyon are jagged and dimpled by crater like depressions. Thunderbolts folk must be drooling – but what are astronomers expecting next? Geysers erupting and spewing dust and gas into space. Sounds fun.

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