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Ocean circulation and changing temperatures

25 August 2014
Climate change

Meteorologist Joe Bastardi has consistently argued against CAGW over the years as he has a method of including weather patterns in the past of determining present weather – and has earned a good reputation for bringing home the turkey. These past records are mainly 20th century so he is well aware that temperatures were just as warm in the 1930s as they were in the 1990s, and this is the pattern he has deduced. For his trouble he has endured irrational bile from the warmist side but that is all water off a ducks back as he is still arguing his case by using the facts and figures rather then projections  based on computer models. At http://notrickszone.com/2014/08/24/a-single-meteorologist-explains-what-… government-funded-climate-science-couldnt/ … and comes courtesy of Pierre Gosselin. The argument Bastardi makes is that ocean circulation is a major factor in global temperature changes. He points out that ice accumulating in the Antarctic while ice was decreasing in the Arctic is all part of the process, and eventually the two polar regions will reverse. Ice will shrink in the sea off Antarctica but increase in the Arctic. The effects of co2, he alleges, is negligible. Over the years, it has always amused me that we have several notable meteorologists saying that global warming is exaggerated, such as Joe Bastardi, Anthony Watts, and Joe D'Aleo, and they make a living out of forecasting the weather – and all are employed in the private sector which means they don't get paid if they get it wrong, and on the other side we have a lot of worried people, biting their fingernails and nervously turning off the lights to reduce energy use, who know absolutely nothing about the weather but are absolutely convinced a catastophe is just around the corner. In the middle we have a small group of people sitting in front of a computer screen and inventing models out of thin air, avoiding a lot of basic data, and they are creaming the rest of us – and we all sit back and do nothing. Do we have to wait for the lights to go out before anything is done?

Climate scientists have had to yield to the fact temperatures have not budged for 15 years or more and even the BBC has managed to croak the fact – which was an amazing event by itself. However, the climate scientist inner sanctum, the young boys of a few years ago (now getting long in the tooth), have been running around in circles, or bolting into hidey holes like rabbits that have spotted a buzzard circling. They have become increasingly desperate in attempts to explain 'the missing heat' and where the global greenhouse has stored it all away. Most people are aware it has flown out of the window – the warmists never shut up the skylight. Never the less, the parody continues, and the latest explanation can be seen at http://phys.org/print327848182.html. The global hiatus in temperature has been found hiding in the Atlantic ocean. Don't snigger – they are getting more and more frantic. 

The latest problem for CAGW fanatics hit the blogs a couple of days ago (the mainstream media are way behind the real world) as BOM has been caught out in Australia. This is the antipodes version of the Met Office – so it is big news over there and has become a big story in The Australian newspaper. Don't expect to hear anything of this on BBC or in The Times and other disjointed news mediums – even if Rupert is an Australian by birth and nature. The latest bum's rush comes courtesy of Jennifer Marohasy and she has got them on the hook and they are wiggling like mad. The same information has been aired from time to time by New Zealander Ken Stewart, and various others – but never has the BOM had to stir from its stupor, riddled in CAGW angst. This all follows on the heels of Steve Goddard getting some people rattled over in the States. The CAGW crowd have managed to play a straight bat and Goddard has been presented to Joe Public as an extremist – and he does have some peculiar political views. This time, the magic has been done by somebody who is respected, and well regarded – so people have sat up and taken notice. She isn't no pensioner crouched over his laptop in the wee small hours checking out temperature data – she is presentable, and well, not the kind of gal to describe as obsessive. She has large gaps in her blog posts – sometimes not writing anything for months. Several times she has come up with gems – and this is another.

The story is described at http://joannenova.com.au/2014/08/bom-finally-explains-cooling-changed-to… … BOM being the Bureau of Meteorology – and see also http://joannenova.com.au/2014/08/bom-claims-rutherglen-data-was-adjusted…

Finally, we have news of one Alex Bellini who plans to live on a melting iceberg for a year, situated off the coast of Greenland. He appears to be some kind of adventurer, somebody prepared to put up with some discomfort – as long as there is something in it at the end. The idea, according to the PR, is that he wants to draw attention to global warming – and the catastrophe to come. He may want to increase public awareness of the subject but does he realise the public can think things through if they smell a rat. For example, if he intends to live on an iceberg for a year he can't be expecting it to melt anytime soon. This is contrary to CAGW preachers – they say we are on the brink of seeing no summer ice in the Arctic ocean. Greenland should be even warmer. Is he getting paid for the stunt?

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