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how sun spots may erupt

27 October 2014

At www.q-mag.org/understanding-and-forecasting-solar-eruptions.html … Anne Marie de Grazia has translated into English some French research in which they have followed the evolution of the solar magnetic field in a zone of eruptive behaviour. Their calculations show the formation of a magnetic cord which emerges from inside the Sun, becomes associated with a subsequent sun spot. They show the structure plays an important role in triggering CMEs – eruptions.

These eruptions are similar to well observed examples as seen via telescopes in the wider universe – sudden bursts of energy. The Japanese satellite Hinode was responsible for the images used in the French research and the paper can be read in Nature journal, Oct 23rd 2014. See also the web site of Tahar Amari at www.cpht.polytechnique.fr/cpth/amari/pages/solarmodels/index.html

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