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Idaho Mammoth

29 October 2014

At http://phys.org/print333645423.html … part of a mammoth skull and tusks have been unearthed at a reservoir in Idaho. It is possible an entire skeleton is buried there but this has yet to be determined. A fossil hunter working in the area as a volunteer spotted it, as one does if you have an eye for these things, and informed the authorities. Students from Idaho State University dug the head but funds are required to continue next summer. The site is currently underwater as he reservoir levels rose in early October – which will keep the remains away from the attention from other, less public minded, fossil hunters. It seems the reservoir area has has also produced many other Late Pleistocene animal remains such as Sabre Toothed cats, short nosed bears, great sloths, bison etc. Besides the bones of Ice Age mammals are sometimes the preserved footprints of them – which smacks of sudden and abrupt burial and preservation. Some research on American Falls may pay dividends.

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