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Raised beaches and glacial erratics

1 November 2014

Tim Cullen turns his attention to Ice Age dynamics and some of the absurdities encased in the mainstream mantra – go to http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/04/28/geomorphology-bending-the-truth/ … where he claims the geology facts do not necessarily support the glacial explanation for boulder clays and drift material or the actuality of raised beaches that appear to contradict the massive rise in sea level at the end of the Ice Age.

In another post, at http://malagabay.wordpress.com/2014/08/01/the-great-unwashed-and-the-gre… … is another jibe against the great and the good but leads into the statement, the beginning of the greater british bath was associate with the opening of the Atlantic basin that separated Greenland from Scandinavia and dragged Britain and Ireland westwards and cause the continental shelf system to subside. The initial plug hole was off the west coast of Norway. Later, he moves on to chalk formation, always a good one, but the idea is to make readers think – lift the mist from out of the eyes.

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