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Oceanic Plates

15 November 2014

At http://phys.org/print335167915.html … it is said that the continental margins on either side of the Atlantic Ocean are thinner than expected and a paper in the journal Nature offers a reason why this may be so. You may have guessed – the explanation fits comfortably into the consensus Plate Tectonics theory. We are informed the bottom layers of continental shelves are being pulled off by subducting oceanic plates. Apparently, the claim is that there are two small subduction areas, one around Gibraltar and the other on the opposite side of the Atlantic, in S America. This is remarkable as Plate Tectonics theory began on the assumption the Americas are being pulled apart from Europe and Africa which would imply there was no subduction in the Atlantic Basin. Seems like they have decided it does occur – but only in small locations. No doubt there is a valid reason. This perhaps has something to do with the claim that Africa is pressing up against Europe (which would explain the situation around Gibraltar) and South and North America were separated and came together – but all that happened millions of years ago.

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