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Inigo Owen Jones, weather prophet

3 January 2015
Climate change

Australian long range weather forecaster, Inigo Owen Jones. (born in Croydon near London), died in 1954 and yet he was surprisingly up to date with his view of what causes the weather to change. He said that ozone is built up by the ultra violet range of the spectrum but is disintegrated by a ray in another part of the spectrum that is especially strong in sun spots. He added that the minimum occurs when the sun spot zones and the earthly hemispheres are more exactly turned to each other. It is easily seen that the sun spots are responsible. Had it been the general rays from the Sun then there should be a general minimum in January – or just after, when the Sun is nearest to the Earth, or at perihelion. However, the affects is quite opposite in opposite hemisheres and occurs in autumn in each case. It also explains why spring and autumn differ so materially and shows that sun spots are the special vehicle for the conveyance of special and most important characters from the Sun to the Earth etc.

See for example www.naa.gov.au/collection/publications/papers-and-podcasts/prominent-peo… … and http://en.wikipedia.com/wiki/Inigo_Owen_Jones

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