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Thunderbolts Conference

20 June 2015

At www.thunderbolts.info … Wal Thornhill has been talking about the Rosetta mission to Comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko. There is also an analysis of cometary electro-chemistry by Franklin Anariba.

The conference is available for people unable to attend but have internet access – go to site for details.

Donald Scott has also mentioned a recent astronomical discovery which I failed to post. A multi telescope study of a nearby galaxy found a magnetic field coiled around the galaxy's main spiral arm. They then deduced it was an explanation for the way spiral arms of galaxies are formed – but went on to say gases are then funnelled inwards towards the galaxy centre (and its lurking black hole). Scott points out you can't have helical (coiled) magnetic fields without an electric current – as that causes it to exist. It seems astronomers are still clinging hard to the consensus theory even though their monster radio telescopes are telling them otherwise. Inwardly spiralling magnetic fields, according to Scott, are one of the main distinguishing properties of Birkeland currents. They do not create or feed black holes – but they do compress matter into helical shapes (coils).

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