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18 July 2015
Climate change

At www.holoscience.com/wp/global-warming-in-a-climate-of-ignorance/ … for anyone who might like the idea the Sun drives climate on the Earth this is a read you might enjoy – especially if you understand what the Electric Universe is all about. Too much information to put in a  small post.

See also www.knowledgeminer.eu/climate/pdf/hc2.pdf … or go http://sciencespeak.com/climate.html or www.knowledgeminer.eu/climate_papers.html

Currently, global spending on co2 mitigation stands at around a billion dollars a day – yes, a day. No wonder there are so many people eager to get a position at the trough. This is an incredible level of spending – all for nothing. The same money could have been used for something useful, making the lives of people around the world more painless and providing them with hope by creating jobs etc.

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