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2015 warmest ever

16 August 2015
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print358749229.html … we get to understand why NOAA, NASA GISS and HadCRU have been tampering with the temperature data by changing the way they do things and by manipulating the numbers by making older weather records colder in order to produce an upward graph where recent weather records are warmer – in order to keep the weather spike going in one direction, the direction they want it to go (upwards). It is all about the upcoming Paris Conference. They needed to get rid of the so called hiatus (temperatures that had been flat-lining for about the last 10 years)(although a lot of sceptics like to take the hiatus back to 1998, an exceptional year as it came with a very strong El Nino event, and therefore not an ideal year on which to paste a decline). The idea is to frighten the politicos into signing up a new co2 reduction deal, which in effect will lead to more and more renewables and all those lovely subsidies that are generated by them. As such, the driver of the Paris Conference is not the Greens (the activists or your average alarmist) – it is the minority of people that have access to large funds to spray around the investment market. What do the government agencies get out of this? You can work that out yourself.

The link above claims 2014 was the warmest year ever – which everyone knows is completely wrong but most of us shrug our shoulders and carry on with what we are doing. This is what the climate lobby want you to do. They don't want people looking over their shoulders. They can screen out the odd sceptic web site or blog, mock the people involved and variously persuade people they are telling lies – even though they are the only people really looking into the subject. It is the complacency of the average Joe that keeps the scam going – and keeps the big boys earning bucket fulls of money. The facts are that the 1930s were warmer than the 1990s (all you have to do is read HH Lamb, the first climate scientist to make a name for himself) but the algorithm has been in action for long enough for the 1930s temperature data to become a lot cooler giving the lie to the idea the late 1990s were extraordinarily warm. 

If we are living in a warmer world why are people wearing woolly jumpers in July and August. Some have even had to put their heating on. Yet, here we have some guys telling us that 2014 was the warmest year ever and 2015 is set to surpass that heat – what heat? How long can they keep getting away with this.

However, everything is not hunky dory as the warmists also have something of a dilemma at hand – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/08/14/is-ozone-recovery-warming-the-stra… …. as NGOs such as Greenpeace, FOE and WWF are fond of telling us all that banning CFCs was some kind of envrionmentalist victory as remarkably the ozone thinning over the poles has gone into reverse, and ozone has been thickening up. What the NGOs have always avoided is that it is the solar wind that thins the ozone over the poles by redistributing it elsewhere. It is not a hole – that is hype. They conned the politicos into banning CFCs and manufacturers of fridges and the new patent for them made a bucket of money – and no doubt the NGOs were rewarded. If not they were able to boldly proclaim they had changed the atmosphere – and earn credos from the faithful (which they still do even though the science behind ozone depletion is now well understood).

The point of this post at Anthony's place is that they have a dilemma in that climate scientists have been absolutely consistent in their belief that the Sun is not involved in the recent uptick in global temperatures (a few years back of the !990s and front of 2000s). They were so sure of the greenhouse effect that they had expected the stratosphere to start warming as a result of rising co2 levels – but it never did (back then) but the stratosphere has now decided to begin warming (just as ozone levels over the poles have returned). The fact there was a lot of CMEs in the late 1990s and early 2000s which provided the solar wind to disperse ozone over the poles is just now beginning to be recognised – as with a less active Sun there is now fewer CME events and ozone has thickened over the poles. What will the alarmists do – they will of course keep on alarming. Hence, what we have now is stratospheric heating (the former magic ingredient of the greenhouse effect) happening just as ozone has returned which pretty much shows that solar activity controls temperature on earth – exactly what they have been arguing against (as they claim the Sun is a constant star). It is no accident then that the hiatus coincides with i) a less active Sun, and ii) ozone thickening over the poles coinciding with stratospheric warming.  

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