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lots of noise

29 August 2015

Lots of noise this week as apparently Stephen Hawking has spoken on the subject of black holes – see http://phys.org/print359978825.html … He claims he has come up with a solution to 'information loss' … whatever that means. Other scientists were not so confident about Hawking's proposal – and the full write up has not even been published as on yet.

The same story is at http://phys.org/print359965170.html … which is taken from a different source – but define the 'information loss' as tthe core problem with the idea black holes swallow passing matter. The paradox is the matter does not leave a signature. Does this mean black hole might not actually swallow matter?

However, over at www.space.com/30366-stephen-hawking-black-hole-mystery.html … where it begins with, Einstein's theory of general relativityh predicts physical information about material gobbled up by black holes is destroyed in the process of munching. The laws of quantum mechanics stipulates that information is eternal – which is the paradox. Presumably Stephen Hawking has dreamt up a way to keep quantum mechanics buoyant as he intends to tell everybody where the eternal hiding place is situated.

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