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19 November 2015

At http://sciencenordic.com/scientists-discover-cause-behind-prehistoric-cl… … we have an article with the sub-title – 'scientists now know why the climate underwent dramatic changes at the end of the last Ice Age' which must be one way of embarrassing yourself a little later as science is never as settled as that bold claim might suggest. The sub-title caught my eye – and I read more and discovered they have been using computer simulations and have added in some new factors and come up with a different conclusion from the consensus (up until now). Catastrophism as a factor is still ignored – as the first comment to the article indicated. However, they did conclude the atmosphere played a major role. Previously, it would seem, the atmosphere played a lesser role as emphasis was given to the ocean circulation system. The atmosphere is now said to impact on ocean currents – such as the Gulf Stream, but the viewpoint is still resolutely terrestrial. That may seem obvious to somebody on the outside – but that was the position it would seem (and there is still too much left out of the simulation, including the role of the solar wind, cosmic dust, and meteoric and cometary factors).

The article is published in Nature Geoscience, Novmber 2015, and it begins with the obigatory bow to co2 and global warming before getting into the nitty gritty of the science. We might ask what might have affected the atmosphere – as a vector is necessary to cause atmospheric changes (and was that vector extra terrestrial).

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