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underground city

26 November 2015

The ancient Cappadocian city with a labyrinnth of underground tunnels and chambers serving as living quarters and storage facilities, a mess of hidey holes, is back in the news. Don't expect much information as the newspaper isn't really an archaeological forum. Go to www.hurriyetdailynews.com/ancient-underground-city-in-cappadocia-will-re… … the big question remains unanswered. Why did people want to be underground – what was falling out of the sky, or who were they hiding from. These questions remain unanswered by mainstream. Was it the rampaging armies of the Assyrians or barbarian hordes such as the Cimmerians that caused them to seek refuge underground? Was it succeeded by a fear of Islamisation in more recent times. Who knows. It seems these tunnels and hidey holes go back to the Bronze Age – and the Hittite period. Was it a heavenly barrage that they were seeking to escape?

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