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30 November 2015
Climate change

At www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3337267/So-global-warming-winter-weathe… … an interesting article with some nice photos – and a bit of scepticism just before the Paris bash. It doesn't say much, only that as a result of a cool summer mountain snow from last winter has not entirely gone away. On the Cairngorms it is not an oddity to see snow in early summer but these pictures are from all over the Highlands. However, to have snow last throughout the summer of 2015 right into the autumn is an oddity not publicly acknowledged in recent years. Either it indicates that satellite data is right and global temperatures have not increased and may have fallen or it is just a quirk of a single year's weather.

  The pictures come from an environmentalist and his hobby is mountain walking. He took the pictures of old snow because they were unusual and not because he is a sceptic. However, the Daily Mail has used the pictures to show that global warming might not be all that it is cracked up to be – which upsets you know who.

The story was published in the Royal Meteorological Journal – which means it is research that others think is important. It must have come as a shock to the CAGW activists getting geared up for the bean feast on the other side of the Channel. The most important thing to take onboard is that Iain Cameron is self funded. He has not being funded by grubby money. This is quite the opposite to the CAGW lobby and NGOs who are overloaded with troughers wallowing in heaps of loot fed to them by big investment groups and deep pocketed hedge fund managers. Millions of dollars and pounds are floating around and being sucked up by the less salubrious people in the melee. The reason this has been happening over the years is that big money is made from investing in renewables – wind and solar is subsidised by the fuel bills of Joe Public. Lobbing out a few million in order to rake in a few billion makes good sense – and the whole point of Paris is to keep this money making machine on track for a few more years. Joe Public is the fall guy.

  So where do the activists fit into this? By that I mean the anti-capitalists, the general spoilers and dissatisfied elements unwilling to put their shoulders to the grindstone, middle class types with rose tinted glasses and a degree in the social sciences, a general mess of non-technical non-science types – and others clearly along for the ride because of peer pressure (not wanting to put themselves at odds with their preferred online social buddies). A diverse group.

If you have been programmed to believe in 'CAGW is happening and it must be stopped' you will do so no matter what evidence is presented to the contrary. Belief is the most powerful tool of human behaviour. It can have a positive role – and a negative role. Belief overrides everything – even the fact your chosen enemies are making a mint out of little old ladies eking a living from a sparse pension. Belief is blind and absolute. It transcends any other way of thinking.

Piggy in the middle is Joe Public – including the parents of some of the activists. Joe Public is ignored by the drivers of Climate Change and the investment industry – and by the activists. Joe Public is even accused of being culpable in CAGW – and accusatory fingers are wagged in his face. He is the butt of both the rich and the revolutionary hopefuls – yet it his taxes and fuel bills that subsidises both of them. Joe Public is a giant milch cow – and he is being leeched dry by all of them. Soon, Joe Public might have no job (it having migrated overseas) – and little money to syphon from his wallet. The investment industry will think of another scam and the activists will move on, ever hopeful they will overturn society and bring in shangri-la.

  In the comments we get a flavour of activist mind-set – always predictable and almost always mythical rather than factful. Their ire at this guy having the cheek to write an article and post some pictures of old snow in the Scottish mountains is manifest – and their contempt for any person having the cheek to make a comment not to their liking verges on the rabid, and it riddles the comment column with a large streak of bile.

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