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excited about nothing?

18 December 2015

A press release from the University of Aolberta informs us of a paper published in the Dec 11th 2015 issue of Science Advances that is somewhat novel to say the least – see http://wattsupwiththat.com/2015/12/14/length-of-day-increase-and-sea-lev… … which sounds very interesting from a Catstrophism point of view – but never think a uniformitarian would really come up with something earth breaking. The study is about sea level rise and presumably sea levels that go up and down a bit. They claim there is a connection with earth's core, looking at sea level change over just the last 100 years. They suggest a change in the speed of earth's rotation is involved. Meltwater from glaciers shifts mass from the pole to the equator which slows down rotation. Gravity pull from the moon also contributes to a slow down – but both of these things are not enough to explain observations of a slowing down of earth's rotation (which apparently is happening, we are assured).

Over the last 3000 years the core of the Earth has continually been speeding up – but the mantle and the crust are slowing down. As a result of this the length of day is slowly increasing – but only at the rate of 1.7 milli seconds a century. Do they have equipment that is just too sophisticated – or what?

As a result of their computer acrobatics, scientists in land locked Alberta, hundreds of miles away from the sea, claim they are able to predict future sea level change.

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