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warm December

23 December 2015
Climate change

At http://phys.org/print369930046.html … the November and December warmth is not just in Britain and Ireland or along the path of the Gulf Stream into northern climes, it extends as far as Finland and affects continental Europe as far east as Moscow. Whilst this should be regarded as good news as it shortens the winter and you don't have to turn on your gas or oil boilers to get the central heating going, or stack up the wood in your Aga, or smokeless forms of coal, in the media it is treated as 'simply awful' and a signal the world is about to burn up all life forms. One can imagine the champagne socialists complaining of being hot as they might have been silly enough to plug in the electric fire but the question really should be asked – has it got anything to do with global warming.

According to the French weather service, Meteo, it is nothing new and could all be put down to natural variability. That won't go down well with the troops of the faithful, it's got to be doom and damnation. Not a lot of people seem to know that winter weather is variable – and not many media people would want you to know. However, previous warm Decembers occurred as recently as 2000 (when the sun was very active)  – and in 1934. Even way back in 1801 one of the Lakeland poets was telling us about daffodils blooming in December, all very unlike Gilbert White back in the 18th century when winters were really winters and there was year after year of snow and ice. Climatologists are saying November 2015 was the warmest November since 1910. Wow. Does that mean that in spite of homogenising the data and adjusting older temperature records 1910 still comes out above that of 2015. Remarkable. You may notice 1934 has been submerged below the horizon but this is because it was the hottest year of the 20th century until the propagandists realised it shot a hole through the global warming story, and was duly subject to more intense adjustment than 1910.

Looking up at the Sun at www.spaceweather.com … the real source of warmth throughout the solar system, one may notice it is still in active mode. UV radiation from a flare bathed the top of Earth's atmosphere, and ionising atoms and molecules have affected radio transmissions in the southern hemisphere – while in the northern hemisphere, in the Polar Circle, night reigns day and night – or does it?

  A winter solstice aurora to warm the cockles. Gosh and ding dong, this was seen over the Yukon a couple of nights ago when the far north is supposed to be enveloped in darkness for the winter season – but an aurora can brighten the sky.

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