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big one coming

27 December 2015

A big sunspot, AR2473, is directly facing Earth at the moment. Will it explode – or wait until we are out of alignment?

  and Nacreous Clouds are back – go to www.spaceweather.com

Meanwhile, weird weather also affects N America (as Christmas skype calls confirmed). El Nino is blamed. My brother in law in Toronto solemnly said this is what it was all about – picking the song sheet up from the media. Can't answer such conviction and why bother. At http://phys.org/print370062854.html … we learn that New York is warm – several degrees warmer than Los Angeles in California. New York is usually colder at this time of year and ski slopes in New England lack snow but on the western side of N America the sotry is quite different – lots of snow from Seattle all the way down to the northern Sierras. California is still waiting for El Nino to pack a punch and provide them with some torrential rainfall in order to get the water table topped up for next summer. After 4 years of less than average rainfall (La Nina is unkind) their reservoirs require plentiful water. When is El Nino going to kick in. After all it was supposed to be a super El Nino and we were informed for months a blob of heat was sitting in the tropical zone of the Pacific just waiting to cause an upset to the weather. Can you blame El Nino for a warm New York and a warm Toronto without any evidence of ocean currents bringing warm water through the Indian and Atlantic oceans? Then again, the snaking line of the jet stream might have something to do with all that rain – but what puts the umph in the Gulf Stream? Lots of evidence of a hot atmosphere – winds and tornadoes that struck the southern states. See also http://weatheraction.com … Read what Piers Corbyn has to say about the storms and jet stream.

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