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Greenhouse debunked

9 January 2016
Climate change

At http://notrickszone.com/2016/01/08/agw-theory-is-collapsed-japanese-scie… … well I never – Peter Warlow is vindicated. CAGW is grossly over-estimated. A paper in Energy and Environment by Japanese scientist Kyhoji Kimoto is the latest serious scientific study to debunk the greenhouse effect – especially the idea of zero feedback. Like the others it will be ignored by the mass media so don't expect it to be mentioned by the BBC. 

Kimoto claims to have spent five years looking at the co2 claims, wading through large numbers of articles in the process. His main point however is that coal's effects on the climate has been greatly exaggerated and it will remain an essential commodity to produce power in many countries of the world for many years to come. In saying that he will be branded a shill for the coal industry but there must be quite a few miners and steel workers thinking the article has come a year or two too late. Most of the papers he looked at come from the IPCC and he is especially critical of this UN organisation and so called zero feedback. Once again we are confronted by the fact that CAGW = fraud. Are we complete mugs for being taken in for so long by so few?

The comments are very good too.

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