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drone on rock art

18 January 2016

At www.cam.ac.uk/research/news/meet-the-archaeologists-making-ancient-rock-… … yes, drones have been used to reach high parts of slabs of rock covered in etchings during a major exercise to map and record rock art in the Italian Alps. There are thousands of images visible, and not so visible, and these are being converted into 3D digitised format

  The rock art is not thought to be ancient, mainly dating from the Neolithic to Iron Age, but they cover an area of around 3 square miles – see 3D Pitoti digital heritage project at http://3d-pitoti.eu

The sandstone rocks, scraped smooth by movement of glaciers, provided a perfect etching location that was enhanced by the effect created by the Sun rising and falling above the mountain which appears to provide a sense of movement.

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